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Since they got together they have frequently appeared alongside each other on cooking segments for morning TV. If we do go out for a drink, I’ll invariably be at one end of a big old table and he’ll be at the other.” However, he later backtracked and insisted on Good Morning Britain that the pair are "always friends", putting a stop to rumours that the duo feud off-screen.

John recently revealed that his partnership with Gregg Wallace doesn't extend to an off-screen friendship, and that an explosive drunken spat once saw filming suspended! However, in July 2017, John said: "I’ve got five children and I work with Gregg Wallace – I’ve got enough drama in my life already, thanks very much!

The popular television personality cooked regularly on ITV's This Morning for four years, between 19.

He then joined the Master Chef franchise in 2005, where he has worked as a judge for over a decade.

Torode was in good hands, as he worked under restaurateur Sir Terence Conran, who he describes as a "genius".

While working at Quaglino's, John first met his fellow Master Chef judge Gregg Wallace, who was running a vegetable supply company.

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She called you, “a walking Byronic archetype.” I can certainly hear that in both your lyrics as well as the way you sing. John: It’s a very nice to say about somebody, but I don’t know. Some artists get sick of the song that made them famous and will even refuse to play it live. It came out of nowhere, and was made up on the spot. That’s the strength of that song and those lyrics, and that’s Byron at work right there. I was living in LA trying to finish the record, then I’d be living in New York, and my life was just a mess. LT80s: In it, Nina Blackwood describes you as a romantic figure, and I’m quoting her here. But we really had a great relationship, and I still bump into her here and there, and we’ll e-mail each other. LT80s: I think a lot of people obviously associate you with your 1984 number one hit, . It took ten minutes to write it, and maybe that’s why. I thought you had written it about my own heartache. LT80s: I want to personally thank you for — I was in junior high when it was number one and had just been dumped for the first time.The pair divorced in April 2012 after a seven-year marriage, and six months later, Lisa went public with her relationship with John.

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He had been married to wife Jessica since 2007, but the couple split in 2011. But it meant that much to that many people, and I made it up on the spot. LT80s: For all of the junior high girls in 1984, thank you. It [] was number one, and all the people in New York City that I used to know in the street, little old ladies walking their dogs, or the guy that used to run the coffee shop, the spaghetti shop, and the Indian restaurant; they were all super proud of me. I’ve always adored New York City, and it felt like that was the most exciting thing, really, just having succeeded from coming from nothing, because it was black and white. I think there’s a time and a place for bands to exist, and then it’s done. In something like “If You Ever Get Lonely,” it is kind of delicate, but it’s got a big chorus. Hopefully, another live record around November, and then back in the studio to see what we got for a studio record. I generally license my records out to big companies like Universal, and then after a certain time they come back to me. She just recorded it 50 times and stuck it in the car radio. Then he said, “You put denial in there, and it’s what every man goes through; denial.” So it made it extra twisted and kind of clever. ” And I thought it was like the neighborhood kid did well. Yeah, it really is like that; there’s no overdubs and there’s no bullshit. Where it’s been stripped down before that, maybe a little bit more acoustic-driven, this is sort of full-throttle guitar. There’s a song called, “If You Ever Get Lonely” that was on , and we put it on the new live album. But there’s a band in Nashville called Love and Theft who’ve just covered it, and they had a number one single last year, so there’s a small chance here that we’re going to have a country hit at the same time we have a rock hit. LT80s: It’s hard to believe when you listen to it, that it is live. You take the keyboards out, and you hear how accurate the guitar is. We did the club thing to get Rough and Tumble to number one, but like I said, it almost bankrupted me. You have to play in bigger places, so we’ll probably be playing lesser places, but they’ll be bigger.John Waite has never made any public statement about this, so all rumors about whether John Waite is gay remain completely unfounded and unproven.